February Review

Posted: February 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

The past few days I have focused on bringing a certain standard into our social media profiles which account for more than 12 platforms and include uploading thousands of pictures but yet has to include the mammoth task of describing and tagging all these pictures. Besides that, I’ve finally managed to upload another little blog on bangkokvanguards wordpress on the occasion of Chinese New Year but there are yet so many more blog topics on Thailand in the pipeline which are also waiting to be written in German for the German bangkokvanguards blog.

Actually way to much computer work given the sunny days that we’ve been enjoying ad infinitum. But despite having the sun smiling at me every single day I’ve spent only a meagre three weeks exploring Samut Songkhram and parts of Ratchaburi for scenic biking trails and spots for video documentation and interviews. That alone was worth a number of blog entries and I will come to that later. Besides that I also managed to venture out with Tim, a photographer and urban explorer and Bangkok expert on some interesting urban exploration tours. All the findings are still jammed up like Bangkok’s traffic waiting to get across in the virtual world. I have enough of organizing and structuring the database and building the social media front but I know it’s necessary for I want to show you guys out there what experiences you can have in Thailand.

To manage that I had to reduce my teaching workload which lowers my income to a level where I just get by but which frees time for “vanguards-ground-work” as well as getting me through this semester. But I’m also aware that it’s not enough if I want to build a decent foundation for bangkokvanguards especially if I want to achieve that before leaving to Germany in May. So, this as a summary of the past weeks and today during my first day at university I received some great news. First I’ve missed the first four days of the course but I was still accepted, second they’re half day courses stretching until end of March and culminates in a presentation on a topic I’m passionate about. So you guess what topic that may be. What a great opportunity to combine bangkokvanguards with my academic stuff but more on that in the next entry.


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